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Documentation Mapping

Complete mapping of all course areas, features, irrigation and infrastructure

High Precision Mapping

Our mapping technique is based on high precision GPS using RTK-network receivers, measuring in cm accuracy.  This process guarantees accuracy and consistency, giving you confidence in the results of area calculations and location tools.

Mapping every feature of the course


Our Documentation Mapping is a comprehensive mapping of every point, object and feature on the golf course, with cm accuracy.  Documentation includes:

  • Grass Areas:  tees, fairways, greens, bunkers, semi-rough, rough and heavy rough

  • Water Obstacles:  ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, ditches, marshland

  • Markings:  tee anchors, fairway markings, out of bounds, red/yellow hazards

  • Irrigation:  sprinklers, quick couplers, irrigation lines, drainage, control boxes

  • Infrastructure:  roads, cart paths, buildings, walls

Irrigation features can be defined by specific sprinkler type or diameter pipe, providing extremely detailed and accurate data.  

Mark the features you want mapped, we do the rest!

It's as simple as marking out all irrigation features with flags prior to us arriving for the mapping, and we'll take care of the rest.  This ensures a complete and thorough process, and provides you with an accurate "Digital Document" for use within your LiveGIS Maintenance Software. 

Hole Length/Area/Control Reports

Technical Features

  • Export 3 report types, information generated from documentation mapping

  • Reports are updated as you change/update within LiveGIS Maintenance

  • Instantly analyze valuable technical information about your course

Hole Length Reports

See the "defined" scorecard length and compare to the "measured" length for each tee on every hole.  Visually see each tee position and line of play on the hole view.  Update report easily after moving tees or changing hole layout.

Area Reports

Automatically calculates areas for all key features of the hole, such as tees, fairway, green and bunkers.  Changes to the course are automatically recalculated.  Know exactly the area of all features on the course, and better estimate and analyze labor/fertilizer/irrigation costs.

Control Reports

Lists type, exact GPS coordinates, and distance from the green for all irrigation, drainage and infrastructure.  See location of features visually on the map.

Measure Distances

Technical Features

  • Measure distances and height data anywhere on the course

  • See the distance between two points, elevation change, and degree of slope instantly for any defined measurement

  • Snap-on to existing points, such as tee anchors, sprinklers, center of green, etc

  • Measure between just two points, or add multiple legs to the measurement

Use the powerful measure tool to easily measure any distance and calculate any change in elevation on the course.  The measure tool provides a sub-centimeter level of accuracy in distance calculation.  Additionally, each measure segment automatically calculates elevation change and degree of slope in centimeters accuracy.

With the ability to accurately measure and analyze elevation for all areas of your course, you can take control of your existing course layout, as well as take educated decisions about potential design changes and course improvements in the future.

Analyze Topography

Technical Features

  • Display contour maps as an overlay, toggle on/off

  • Analyze elevation data with cm accuracy

  • Visualize changes in elevation directly within the top-down view

  • Plan changes to course features relative to the existing topography

The ability to accurately analyze topography with ease sets LiveGIS apart from any other solution on the market today.  Display contour maps as an overlay to the course drawing, and understand the 3-dimensional space relative to your existing course design.  Easily plan changes to the course and see how your proposed design will exist within the current topography.

Use LiveGIS to gain a better understanding of drainage and other issues related to elevation change on your course.  Easily identify problem areas and create solutions to solve poor drainage, difficult playing conditions, as well as growth and erosion issues.

Plan Changes

Technical Features

  • Measure, plan and draw changes and new course features through the use of easy and accurate drawing tools

  • Draw proposed changes on planning layer, overlay on existing course layout for direct comparison between new and old design

  • Calculate areas of proposed changes instantly, to better analyze improvements

  • Use LiveGIS Rugged Tablet to precisely locate in-field your planned changes and easily mark the location of your new features/cut lines

Planning changes and improvements to your course has never been easier and more accurate.  Take advantage of the measure and draw tools to plan and draw new features, and see how these changes exist relative to the current course as-built.  Instantly calculate areas and measure distances of your proposed design.


Once you've drawn new features in-office, you can utilize the LiveGIS Rugged Tablet to accurately locate and mark in-field the location of your proposed changes.  This accurate and efficient process gives you the ability to plan changes and improvements with confidence.    

Visualize in 3D

Technical Features

  • Control all visibility features of web and app from one location

  • Set and change sponsor/ads visibility per hole, on demand

  • Print custom scorecards with player info/hcp on demand

The ability to visualize your course in 3D provides a plethora of unique opportunities.  The 3D environment is automatically generated from the 2D drawing environment.  You can better understand your as-built course in 3D from any angle.  Additionally, you can quickly visualize any changes or proposed designs to your course, directly conveying how new changes will look on the course, and communicating these design decisions in a clear way to any interested party (i.e. members, board of directors).


Take advantage of this powerful tool and have confidence in your ability to make adjustments to your course, and communicate your ideas in an accurate and visually stunning way. 

Locate Features and Infrastructure

Technical Features

  • Locate points and features on the course with your smartphone

  • Use the LiveGIS Rugged Tablet for cm accuracy to locate in-field

Take advantage of the flexibility within LiveGIS to locate points on your course.  Anyone on your staff can locate points "in-field" with their own smartphone.  Generate KML files to export to your staffs phones, and increase productivity and accuracy with the ability for all employees to locate objects in the field with precision.

Additionally, you can utilize the LiveGIS Rugged Tablet to locate points and features with cm accuracy.  It's the perfect solution for locating hard to find points in overgrown areas, or to pinpoint underground infrastructure such as irrigation lines and drainage pipe.  When planning new features on the course, quickly locate and mark in-field the exact position of proposed changes, and build new features exactly to the specifications of your proposal as drawn in LiveGIS.

Map Changes with the LiveGIS Rugged Tablet

Technical Features

  • Map changes to your course in CM accuracy (both location and heightdata)

  • Rent LiveGIS Rugged Tablet by the week, or purchase your own to map anytime, on demand

  • All mapping automatically updates the digital document within LiveGIS, new mapping data can be uploaded directly to Mapping Industries for additional products and services

The LiveGIS Rugged Tablet gives you the opportunity to self map any changes to your course at your own convenience.  The unit has a built in Network RTK GNSS antenna (L1/L2).  Used in conjunction with a SWEPOS RTK correction subscription (or similar in your country), you can have the confidence to map changes and new features on your course with cm accuracy.  All new mapping data is automatically updated within your LiveGIS software, and can be uploaded directly to Mapping Industries for use in updating other products and services, like the LiveCaddie Mobile App, Web Presentation, Course Guides, Tee Signs, etc...   


Technical Features

  • Detailed course map with hole numbers and routing information

  • Manage information and facts about the course

  • Add signature photos of the course

The Overview page cohesively presents information about the course for members and guests of your facility.  Through the admin panel, course staff can easily add and update information about the course, such as course details, special conditions for today's play and other pertinent information.  Additionally, signature photos can be added and changed with ease, further showcasing the course.

The Overview page makes it easy for you to update general information about the course on a day to day basis, making guests and members aware of important information for events and happenings at the course that day.

Select a specific hole by clicking on the hole number to see a hole by hole preview of the course.


Technical Features

  • Track all players and their position on the course in real time

  • View daily leader board, sortable by player, hole, par, points & score 

  • View daily leaders in longest drive, lowest score and highest points

The Course page is a dynamic page useful for players, spectators and prospective guests to your course.  Click any players icon on the map or select players names from the leader board to follow their round in real time.  The leader board updates in real time as players using the app on the course enter their score and track their shots.

Take advantage of the Course page's dynamic features by broadcasting it on monitors throughout the clubhouse.  It's a great way to add interest for spectators or tournament participants by allowing them to see what's happening on the course, promoting engagement and interest as golfers unwind after a round.


Technical Features

  • Navigate through all holes by selecting hole number or forward/back with arrows

  • Auto-plays flyover video for each hole, option to make flyover fullscreen

  • Vivid 3D hole overview image presents layout of each hole

The Guide page allows members and guests to preview each hole, learn about the layout, and plan strategy for playing the course.

Course staff can add their hole sponsors to display above the hole overview image through the admin panel, and can change hole sponsors daily with ease.

Additionally, staff can add text to describe the design of the hole or implement "pro tips" to instruct players on strategy for each hole.

Signature photos of each hole can be added by course staff to enhance the experience for the user and showcase the beauty of the course.


Technical Features

  • Detailed course scorecard showing all tees, yardages, par and handicap

  • Implement and manage hole sponsors for each hole

  • Hole sponsor image is a link, directing to hole sponsor's website

The Scorecard presents basic but essential information about the course, complete with all tees, yardages, par and handicap.  It allows players to plan their round and understand the distances from each tee.

Additionally, hole sponsors can be added to each hole.  Users can click the logo and be directed to the sponsors website, thus increasing visibility for your sponsors.  Course staff can manage these sponsors through the admin panel and update daily to reflect changes in hole sponsors, or daily sponsors for corporate outings and tournament play.


Technical Features

  • Set pin positions each day in field with GPS app (MI Pin Manager) or in clubhouse or office on web by manual position

  • Create templates for standard pin rotations

  • Upload pin positions, syncs with Web Presentation and LiveCaddie app automatically in real time

  • Print pin sheets from the web directly each day in the clubhouse

The Pins page allows you as an administrator to manage daily pin positions and create templates for standard pin rotations using the MI Pin Manager app or set manual positions with ease remotely through the web.

You can print a daily pin sheet directly in the clubhouse each morning.  Additionally, all pin positions are synced with the LiveCaddie app so players on your course have the exact GPS position to the pin, in real time.  

Admin Panel

Technical Features

  • Control all visibility features of web and app from one location

  • Set and change sponsor/ads visibility per hole, on demand

  • Print custom scorecards with player info/hcp on demand

The Admin Panel gives you full control over both the web and the app.

Course staff can add/change/update sponsors per hole.  Additionally, ads can be created and implemented per hole by course staff, on demand.

All visibility features for web and app can be controlled, such as changing color schemes to match course branding, or branding for tournaments/events.

Scorecards can be printed with players information/hcp on demand.

Play Golf...with your LiveCaddie

Technical Features

  • GPS distance to green, pin and all obstacles/strategic points

  • 3D graphics and flyovers of each hole show intricate details

  • Change views by tilting phone (overview, flat mode, panorama)

  • Pinch to zoom, swipe to pan to reveal additional course details

  • "Measure tool" automatically shows out/in, measure to anything on the course

  • "Clock mode" displays large numbers to front/center/back of green

  • Create personal points of interest (POI) and add notes

  • Automatically changes holes based on location, swipe to manually change

  • Browse courses and plan strategy before arriving at the course

Enjoy the most accurate, 3D GPS on the market.  Rotate the phone to change views automatically.  High quality 3D graphics and flyovers presents course elevation changes and intricate details.  Instantly see distance to hazards and course features, and measure out/in to any position on the course.  Accurate GPS distance to front/center/back of green, or to pin (when used in conjunction with MI Pin Manager).

LiveScoring...share scores in real time

Technical Features

  • Enter your score and putts for each hole

  • Act as marker for 1-3 playing partners, keep their score

  • Scores entered by all players in group are cross-referenced for accuracy

  • Points for each hole automatically calculated based on players handicap

  • Enter scores and putts in an easy to use vertical format

  • Overall scorecard displayed in landscape view for ease of use

  • Scores automatically updated to the web leaderboard in real time

  • Share your round on social media, friends can follow your score in real time

  • Print scorecard after round in clubhouse

Take advantage of the most intuitive digital scorecard on the market.  Scores entered as you play golf are automatically updated in real time to the web.  It's a perfect opportunity to follow players in a tournament or see how your friends are playing.  Share your round with your friends via social media and they can follow you live as you play.  After your round, you can print a copy of your scorecard.    

LiveTracking...track every shot

Technical Features

  • Set your golf bag preferences with your clubs and distances

  • Set default tee, layup, sand and pitch club in golf bag preferences

  • Club automatically suggested based on location/distance to pin

  • 1-click on club indicator to log shot from current position

  • Drag up/down on club indicator to select different club

  • Current club shows carry and roll distance on hole graphics (visual aid)

  • Share your round on social media, spectators can follow you shot by shot,

  • Save all your rounds and review your shots to learn and improve your game

Track your shots during the round with just one click.  No additional equipment required!  Clubs are suggested automatically based on distance to the green and players club settings.  Share your round with friends and follow players live on the course.  Watch any players location, shots and distance in real time.  LiveTracking with the LiveCaddie App is the most intuitive and useful shot tracking available in any app on the market today. 

Analyze Statistics...calculated automatically

Technical Features

  • Statistics automatically calculated from additional input required

  • Statistics for the following categories calculated automatically:

Rounds Played

Holes Analyzed

Avg Score for 18

Avg Score Front 9

Avg Score Back 9

Avg Score Par 3's

Avg Score Par 4's

Avg Score Par 5's

Longest Drive

Average Drive

Total Putts

Average Putts


Sand Saves

Fairways in Regulation

Greens in Regulation

Your statistics are calculated automatically, from LiveTracking, with no additional input required!  See statistics instantly on your phone while using the app, or login to the online dashboard for additional analysis.  Sort your statistics by individual rounds or overall to better gain an understanding of both the strong points of your game, as well as areas that need improvement.

Sponsors...maximize visibility and value

Technical Features

  • Ability to change hole sponsors through the admin panel

  • Easily manage sponsors for tournaments, corporate golf or special events

  • Turn hole sponsors on/off anytime through admin panel

The LiveCaddie Mobile App is a great way to add value for your sponsors by maximizing their visibility to your guests.  Easily manage and change sponsors on a daily basis for tournaments, corporate golf, or any other special event.  Through the admin panel (web) you can manage sponsors for individual holes and choose to enable/disable hole sponsors at any time.

Advertisements...full control at your fingertips

Technical Features

  • Create your own advertisements to be displayed in the app

  • Manage advertisements through the admin panel

  • Specify instances for ads to be triggered and visible to app users (ex 9th hole)

Control advertisements visible to your guests in the LiveCaddie App with ease through the admin panel on the web.  Create your own advertisements and manage the instances where they become triggered and visible to the app user.  Quickly change and adjust advertisements to reach specific audiences and increase your revenue.  You are in full control of advertisements with the LiveCaddie Mobile App.

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