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Accurately map every feature of your golf course!

Our mapping technique is based on high precision GPS using RTK-network receivers, combined with orthophoto and LiDAR data, measuring in accuracy down to 1 mm.

The foundation of our mapping technique is developed to fufill the needs of the Swedish Golf Federation (SGF).  As a result of our partnership with SGF, our mapping meets all requirements for course evaluations.  You can can have confidence knowing that the mapping used to evaluate your course is the same mapping used to produce your course graphics and information.

We map the entire course including tees, fairways, bunkers, water hazards, greens, rough areas and other lines, as well as fixed points and areas of interest.  A mapping also includes height data, used to generate 3D graphics.  The techniques ensure the highest level of accuracy and graphic quality available on the market today.  

Includes mapping of the following:

  • Tees, Fairways, Greens and Bunkers

  • Out of bounds (outmarkings)

  • Water hazards (water edge and red/yellow stakes)

  • Tee anchors

  • Height-data

Course Rating Mapping


Course Guide Mapping


Includes mapping of the following:

  • All items of Course Rating Mapping

  • Semi-rough and heavy rough

  • Aiming line/strategic points

  • Landing zone detailed height data

  • Areas of interest and special features mapped in extra detail

Documentation Mapping

Includes mapping of the following:

  • All items of Course Guide Mapping

  • All irrigation features (sprinklers, quick couplers, irrigation lines, drainage, control boxes, etc...

  • All infrastructure (roads, cart paths, walls, buildings, etc)


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