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LiveCaddie Web Presentation

What You See Is What You Play!

The LiveCaddie Web Presentation is the ultimate solution for presenting your course on the web.  Vivid 3D graphics and flyovers showcase the golf course and allow players to familiarize themselves with the facility.  The Web Presentation is easily implemented into your existing website.

A variety of useful features within the Web Presentation provide an opportunity to convey valuable information to guests, as well as maximize your sponsors visibility to the players.  The ability to create advertisements, update information, customize fonts/colors, print scorecards, and manage pin locations can be controlled through the admin panel with ease.

The Web Presentation is also a perfect companion to the LiveCaddie App, with real time connectivity to daily leader-boards and player positions via the Tracker Map.  Players can utilize both the Tracker Map and Hole by Hole to review their own round, follow their friends, or get real time updates during tournaments and events.

Visitors to your website will love exploring these features:

  • Overview

  • Course

  • Guide

  • Scorecard

  • Pins​


Increase interest on your website by showing off your course in a way you can be proud of, with vivid graphics, app connectivity, and up-to-date information.


Showcase your course


Drive Revenue

Maximize your profits in the following ways on the web:

  • Increase sponsor visibility

  • Create advertisements

  • Provide information in real time

  • Customize for tournaments

  • Minimize printing costs


With more visitors to your site, you can take advantage of the opportunity to increase sponsor value as well as drive revenue with ads that more of your guests will see.

Make changes and updates with ease, syncs automatically:

  • Change sponsors instantly

  • Update/change ads daily

  • New graphics updated instantly

  • Set pins (MI pin manager), syncs instantly to web/app

  • Print scorecards from web/app before or after round, hcp and points calculated automatically based on players hcp or Golf-ID


App Connectivity
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