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LiveCaddie Mobile App

What You See Is What You Play!


Enhance Guest Experience

Your guests will love using the following features in the app:​

  • Vivid 3D graphics and flyovers of the course

  • Accurate GPS distance to the pin

  • LiveScoring (share score in real time)

  • LiveTracking (track each shot with one click)

  • Analyze Statistics (automatically calculated)

  • Share rounds on social media


Drive Revenue

Increase your profits in the following ways with the app:​

  • Increase sponsor visibility (hole banners)

  • Create advertisements (admin panel)

  • Add custom pages (ex order food, promote merchandise)

  • Provide information in real time (admin panel)

  • Customize for tournaments and corporate golf

  • Minimize printing costs (update content instantly)


Web Connectivity

Make changes and updates with ease, syncs automatically:​

  • Change sponsors instantly (admin panel)

  • Update and change advertisements daily (admin panel)

  • Updated graphics implemented instantly

  • Set pins with MI Pin Manager, syncs instantly to web/app

  • Print scorecards from web/app before or after round, hcp and points calculated automatically based on players Golf-ID

The innovative LiveCaddie Mobile App is the ultimate solution for golf courses looking to not only enhance the experience of their guests, but to maximize profits through increased sponsor visibility and advertisement capability.  By integrating high quality 3D graphics of the course with easy to use functionality, the app serves as a valuable tool for your guests.  Vivid imagery showing elevation changes and intricate course topography enable a more complete approach to shot strategy.  Additionally, golfers are presented the exact distance to the pin at courses utilizing the MI Pin Manager.

The app is part of the LiveCaddie Golf Ecosystem.  This means that not only the graphic presentation of the golf course, but also sponsor banners, advertisement/information pages, and administration tools are connected within the system.  These features help you communicate directly with your guests, ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date.  System administration is easy to use, and changes update automatically throughout the platform.

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