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LiveGIS Maintenance Software

The most complete maintenance software solution!

The LiveGIS Maintenance Software is the ultimate solution for managing your most valuable asset...your golf course!  Take advantage of LiveGIS to utilize the results of a "Documentation Mapping" from Mapping Industries.  Use the software in office, or out in the field with the "LiveGIS Rugged Tablet".

Measure Distances and calculate area reports to help with labor and resource estimation.  Plan changes to your course, and implement those changes in field with ease.

Gain a detailed understanding of topography through the use of contour maps and height data information.  Use this powerful information to plan changes and improvements to drainage.

Locate any irrigation or infrastructure point or line with accuracy and precision, saving time searching for these points while in field.  Map changes to the course with ease, and keep your digital documentation up to date.

Gain control of your course with the following features:

  • Measure distances/calculate areas

  • Display contour maps/height data

  • Calculate slope %

  • Generate area, hole length, and sprinkler reports

  • Plan and visualize changes

  • Import existing DXF, GPS and heightdata

  • Retain information about the course, regardless of personnel changes in the future


LiveGIS Software "In Office"


LiveGIS Tablet "In Field"

Utilize LiveGIS on the course with precision in the following ways:

  • Locate all points and features of the course with cm accuracy

  • Keep your digital documentation up to date by mapping new features with cm accuracy

  • Implement plans and changes to the design by locating proposed points in reality with ease

  • Retain information about the course, regardless of personnel changes

Anyone on your staff can locate points "in field" with their own smartphone.

​Generate KML files to export to your staffs phones, and increase productivity and accuracy with the ability for all employees to locate objects in the field the precision and speed.

Direct employees to specific areas of the course for repair or maintenance, and eliminate any guesswork.  

LiveGIS Mobile Locator


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