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Golf Ecosystem

For Federations, Courses and Players...driven by Mapping Industries

Extended Cooperation with SGF

Last year, Mapping Industries announced a new cooperation with the Swedish Golf Federation to map and evaluate all courses in Sweden by SGF's team using the LiveCourseRating software.

Effective immediately, Mapping Industries announces an extended cooperation with SGF and their Course Consultants supporting and using LiveGIS, a software for mapping, analyzing, planning and locating features on your course.  Both LiveCourseRating and LiveGIS are connected and driven by the same, "one-source" data.

The LiveGIS solution is also offered for greenskeepers to optimize maintenance and course operations.  Additionally, course managers can benefit with the ability to generate graphics and flyovers from the same "one-source" data for solutions in web, app, and print.

Welcome to the Golf Ecosystem.

What You See Is What You Play

With the innovative LiveCaddie app, you can take your game to the next level.  Featuring high quality 3D graphics and flyovers, GPS, LiveScoring, LiveTracking, and Statistics calculated automatically.  Share your round with friends and they can follow you live, in real time, as you play!


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